Inefficient lead gen stealing money from your business?

If so, here’s how I’m going to fix it

Hey there,So first off, just wanted to say thanks again for stopping by.Know there’s a lot of noise in this world, hard to stand out, so I’ll be respectful of your time here.Not going to bore you with an hour-long webinar or anything, but at the same time, I do want to provide enough information upfront.Main goal here is to add some (value-based) education no matter what, then let you reach out if you want after that:

So to get us started, here’s:

The biggest problem I see everybody run into (even though they’re not aware of it)

Long story short, I’ve been in the lead generation game for roughly 7 years now, and it all started when I couldn’t figure out how to get business for myself.At the time I was the owner of an “Accounting firm”, mainly because that’s where all my previous experience came from, and even though I had everything going for me - including:

  • Masters in Accounting

  • Former IRS Enrolled Agent

  • Former Commercial Loan Officer (with over half a billion dollars in funding under my belt)

  • Etc…

I still couldn’t generate the “best” leads for my business.I mean, sure, I was able to get clients and all that…So not saying it was impossible, but I just hated how long everything took.

  • 3 phone calls for every prospect

  • 60+ day sales cycle

  • Few could see the “full value” in my service

  • Etc…

All things that were annoying, so after going through this for the longest time, I finally said screw it and decided to figure this “lead generation” thing out.Honestly thought it’d take like 3 weeks to learn everything, so I did a “temporary” pause on my Accounting business - 12 months later I’d gotten so far into a rabbit hole of “marketing” that I didn’t even know what to do anymore.Say that in a good way as well, where I learned all about:

  • Finding the right angle

  • Human psychology

  • Creating irresistible offers

  • Etc…

All things that are important and a part of the process you need to master, but if there’s “two main” things that everybody overlooks - it’s:

Positioning and Pre-Suasion

With these two items, they’re a main aspect most “traditional” business owners overlook because, well, they never had to worry about them in the past.Before 2015~ hit, everything was a little different.During these days you could put up a simple ad, saying:

And get a lot of leads because of it, not the case anymore.Now, we have more competition than we know what to do with, and consumers are bombarded by THOUSANDS of different messages every day.

  • We’ll help you save money

  • We’ll help you grow your business

  • Etc…

All things you’ve seen before, and even though those messages work for a minute, they quickly wear out as well.Whenever everybody is saying the same thing, prospects begin to avoid the message itself, and well…That’s not good for people who actually know what they’re doing.There’s a lot of charlatans out there today, most of which promise a big benefit, but never deliver.That’s what tires our market(s) out, never moving forward with the same message (i.e. I’ll help you save money) again - so we have to get creative and find a different angle.One that our prospects have never heard before, but grabs their attention when we do it right, and when you get these two things down - you’ll see:

Mind-blowing results

To give you one quick example of this now, here’s a few messages I got from a campaign I did years ago:

And truthfully, I should probably show you more recent results, as they’re a lot better…But I always like showing this campaign because it’s:

  • A) Insane, and

  • B) Indicative of how “hot” these leads are

What I mean by this, is with these messages, they all happened after I decided to turn the actual campaign off.Not something I’m going to get into a lot of detail on, but after realizing it wasn’t a market I wanted to work with years ago, I decided to turn off my ads and post the main “conversion vehicle” on the time I was using a simple system that looked like this:

And seeing how the main conversion tool was a long-form article, I knew it’d be a good fit for Medium.Not because I wanted “leads” with it either, but because I knew it’d get me some money via their “partner program”.Fair enough, posted it on Medium after that, not thinking anything else of it…Until a couple weeks later, when I started receiving those messages on LinkedIn.Confused, I asked a few of these leads how they even found me, quickly discovered it was SEO.That meant they:

  • A) Found me via Google Search (cold traffic)

  • B) Read a 22 minute article on the first touch, then

  • C) Tracked me down on LinkedIn, sending messages after that…

Even though I didn’t have a call-to-action or anything, and that’s when I REALLY knew these systems worked.Before this point, I drove traffic to everything via advertisements, and it’s always easier to get results this way.When you’re able to give a “mini sales letter” upfront, explaining the gist of your 22-minute article, then more people will obviously read it.Since they’ve understood a preview, it only makes sense, with this “accidental” setup - that wasn’t the case.Now, people literally went into the article “cold”, still reaching out because of it:

And well, that’s pretty much the best type of marketing there is.Most struggle to get leads with a call-to-action and advertisement, let alone SEO and no contact information, showing how these are the greatest way to generate “piping hot” leads:

And exactly what brings me here today

Long story short, I’ve been helping clients with this for over 5 years now:

But I’ll be honest, in the last 2.5 years, I haven’t really worked with a lot of lead generation clients.Few reasons for this, but if anything, rising ad costs (and fraud) were the main culprits.In the past, I did most of my lead gen systems via:

  • LinkedIn Ads, or

  • Google Display Ads…

Mainly because that’s where the “good clients” are at, and well, these platforms aren’t quite like they used to be.Google Display Ads are like 90% fraud now:

And LinkedIn Ad costs are through the roof:

So after noticing this years ago, I decided to switch directions and start working on some of my other offers.Kind of a “catch-22” as well, because I’ve always been really good at Facebook Ads for e-commerce:

Along with M&A Due Diligence, as I used to be a Commercial Loan Officer:

So I went back to those, along with picking up a few coaching clients along the way:

All things that were “fun”, but weren’t really my “jam” either.I mean, helping another “meal kit” delivery service grow their business isn’t exactly my passion, as it’s not something I really believe in…And helping new entrepreneurs buy a business has always scared the shit out of me.Was I able to get results?100%, that’s why these offers have always been an easy “fall-back” for me:

But I’ve learned the difference between “confidence” and “passion” as well.Don’t know why, but generating (piping hot) leads has always been my jam, mainly because it’s the only industry that can benefit from “education-based” marketing…So after going through this mess for the longest time, 3 months ago I connected with a guy who was apparently killing it via “cold email”.At the time I didn’t really believe it, as I was always under the impression this stuff didn’t work, but after following him on Twitter and seeing what appeared to be good results - I decided to reach out.Figured worst case scenario, I’d learn a few things…And I’ll be honest, it ended up being one of the smartest decisions I ever made.Say that for a few reasons as well, but if anything, I quickly learned his strategy was WAY more complicated than just “cold email”.Instead, it was really an omni-present strategy that connected a lot of things together.

  • LinkedIn posting, that way people could see you were real

  • Crafting a new angle, that way you could stand out from the crowd

  • Etc…

And in addition to all this, he also mentioned how I could use my “Indirect Sales Letters” in his system as well.If anything, it’d allow me to overcome the “biggest downside” of cold email, which was building trust….And after finagling a few things, we ended up creating (in my humble opinion):

The best lead generation system out there today

With this approach, the basic overview looks like this:

And as you can see, it’s an omnipresent system that leverages every form of marketing you can think of.

  • Content marketing (i.e. LinkedIn posts) to show you’re real

  • Cold email funnel, to introduce your offer and show the benefit

  • Indirect Sales Letters, to explain everything upfront, creating perfect leads because of it

  • Retargeting ads, to stay in front of leads that didn’t move forward yet (for very cheap)

  • Etc…

Literally the smartest thing any service provider can do, and if you’re interested, I’m currently taking on clients for this right now.I’ll be honest with you, I haven’t helped any clients with this specifically, but it’s a culmination of everything I’ve done for the past 7 years.

  • Creating new angles

  • Crafting content marketing systems

  • Explaining everything via pre-suasion (i.e. Indirect Sales Letters)

  • Bringing back all “warm leads” with retargeting ads

  • Etc…

All things I’ve done numerous times, just putting into a different system (and adding cold email onto it, something I’ve been learning for the last 3 months) - so you’re really getting in at the ground floor.For the first 3 (maybe 4) clients, I’ll be working with you personally, then after getting everything streamlined…All other clients will be working with staff, so if this is something you’re interested in, there’s literally no better time to reach out.

  • Cheaper rates

  • Better service

  • Outstanding results…

I legitimately believe I can change your life with this offer, it’s too good not to, so if you’re interested in becoming one of the first clients I work with on this new journey - then please click on the link below:

Sign-up for a time that works for you, and I’ll talk to you then.-Sean